Virus spreading via FB Messenger

Did you recently got any video file link from your friend David or Kabir or John through Facebook? Do you know him really? If no, why you click the the file!!!! This file can able to hijack your operating systems and will guide what hackers want it to do.

The virus is passed through a Facebook message from a friend. On his/her behalf, you’ll receive a shortened link (usually from the domain with the text “<your friend’s name> Video.” It looks like the image below:








Obviously, your friend David didn’t send you this message. Rather, a hacker took advantage of a vulnerability in his account to try to spread the virus to you.

If we click on the link, it takes us to a Google doc with an image based on one your friend has on Facebook, posing as a video. If you click it, it takes you to another site depending on the browser and the operating system used (yeah, nobody’s in the clear, as it affects Windows, Mac and Linux).

How can I prevent this virus?

As always, common sense is the best antidote to any virus. Be cautious of any strange links: if a friend sends you something, he/she will message you more personally than hackers using bots.

In addition, always keep your PC updated and use antivirus and other security programs. In most cases, this will prevent any infection.