How to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

pcSimple way to Maintenance your Computer

The following are the simple way to PC maintenance and keep your PC away from poor performance and crashes!

1. Physically Cleanup

It is always important to clean your working area including all the peripherals, connecting wires, monitor, PC, keyboard and mouse. Dirt always bad for users as well as any electronic devices. Dirt often block the ventilation ports which in turn increases the temperature of PC leading to poor performance of the device. Refrain from your device directly spray liquid during clean up. It can damage monitor and other electronic devices. Spray cleaning agent into the micro fabric duster and clean it up.

2. Keep Your PC Updated

Please don’t avoid whenever Windows updates notification popup. Always try to update Windows, antivirus and others software programs. It will fix your computer drivers problem, updates security and fixes bug. During update don’t allow any unnecessary update that you really don’t know. In that situation identify the program and if you don’t know the apps or software then uninstall it.

3.Install Anti-Virus Program & Keep It Updated

If you have anti-virus or internet security (you should keep one) update it and scan sometimes. You may make a schedule for full scan and updates and instruct the program to act accordingly. Try to not allow others to use your computer by using external device like USB.

4.Think before download

We often download games, movie, music and software and many other things from internet without knowing the trustworthy sources. Refrain yourself from downloading and installing unknown software programs.

5. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If you are using your computer quite long then it might keeps some unwanted software, temporary download files and tons of internet cookies. To make your system a bit faster you need to uninstall unwanted software, delete temporary files and finally clean the registry.

6. Empty Your PC’s Recycle Bin

Most of the time people forget to clean up recycle bin. Sometimes it takes huge amount of space after deleting files, pictures and movies around the year. So make an effort to cleanup your bin regularly.

7. Renew Anti-Virus Subscriptions

Using antivirus and internet security is important as well as it is also crucial to update and renew before expire. Sometimes users overlook the subscription expiration notification and face problem. So it is equally important to update both software and renewal.

8. Backup Your Data

It is really important to make a backup plan. Lost data is really a costly issues. Recover data even huge cost as well as time consuming. So it is fundamentally important to make a backup plan daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis depending on the importance of your data. You can now a days use cloud to backup your data and secured from any disaster.